Watch Eddie Vedder Talk About His Obsession With Tom Petty's Music

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Eddie Vedder was such a huge Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers fan when he was a teen that he stood in line at a record store to get his copy of Hard Promises.

The Pearl Jam frontman says he was so moved by Petty's 1981 hit "The Waiting" (the lead singe from Hard Promises) that he figured it out in his head over the course of a school day and was playing it on guitar by the time he got home.

Vedder made the comments leading up to one of his first onstage collaborations with Petty, when he got to sing "The Waiting" with Petty and the Heartbreakers.

"I don't know if an artist completely understands—or needs to be reminded of sometimes—of how deeply these songs affect people," Vedder said referring to Petty's influence on him. "[It's] in such a way that when you hear the song, you remember where you were and even the feeling in your gut when you were 14 hearing that song."

Check out the clip above, which includes Vedder's collaboration with Petty.

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