Alexander Kid Invents 'Toaster Shooter,' Becomes National Finalist

TheBatavian  - "After watching his grandma burn her fingers getting breakfast out of the toaster oven, Andrew Young Jr., thought of the idea to make a toaster oven that shoots the toast back onto the plate.  

Andrew submitted his toaster shooter idea to Dreamvention, and was chosen as one of five finalists, among thousands of submissions.

“I saw it and I didn’t really think I had a chance, but I thought I would try it,” Andrew said.

After not hearing back for a while, he got an email, and then a phone call, saying he would be traveling to Texas in the beginning of September.

“We shot commercials for the invention, and we did interviews,” Andrew said.

Andrew also got to use a prototype of his invention but did not get to take it home.

At 14 years old, Andrew enjoys science, math, and swimming. He plans on being an astronaut when he is older because he loves space.

“I’m really interested in science, space, and stars,” Andrew said.

The grand prize for the competition is $250,000. Andrew said he would like to go to Hawaii and save some money for college.

Andrew’s dad, Andrew Young Sr., said Andrew Jr. originally was going to buy a Lamborghini with the money.

“That was before he realized he might win,” Young Sr. said.

Andrew did not tell his parents about the competition until he received the email about his trip to Texas.

“We’re not necessarily surprised that he took the initiative to do it,” Young Sr. said. “I think now that is the coolest part, that he took the initiative, went and did it, and look what it's turned into, with him just having some initiative.”

After the competition, he said he might try to sell the toaster shooter if people like it.

Andrew’s mom, Denise, said she has people asking already, where they can buy a toaster shooter.

“We’re just really proud of him,” Young Sr. said.

Denise said just the process has been exciting for Andrew and the family.

“He’s learning, as well as we’re learning, a lot about it,” she said.

Voting for the five finalists started today here. It ends Nov. 27, with the winner being announced in December. You can vote once a day with the chance of instantly winning $1,000."

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