Perinton Car Break-In Caught on Video

WHEC - "Residents in a Perinton neighborhood say a thief was caught on video going through vehicles.

Marc Gross discovered his family Toyota Camry had been ransacked and, even though he got used to car break-ins in New York City, he's still rattled.

"Obviously, I need to start locking things up," he says. "You know? Also, you feel a little violated."

Some neighbors in the Little Briggins Circle and Squirrels Heath Road area actually caught the car burglar on security video as he went through vehicles.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office reports credit cards and gift cards were stolen. They're looking for a man between ages 15 and 25 in a light sweatshirt with a backpack.

Deputies routinely warn car owners to lock their doors and keep valuables out of sight but some of the people we talked to admit to getting careless. Others say they know.

"Always keep the doors locked," says Dorothy Wallace. "People say, 'Oh, times have changed.' Keep your doors locked now."

Meanwhile, the fact that some of these crimes were caught on camera is exciting to victims like Gross, who says this Perinton neighborhood doesn't normally see this kind of crime, so this crook should stand out."

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