Rochester Man Indicted For Shooting Death of Son

13 WHAM - A Rochester man accused of fatally shooting his two-year-old son was indicted on at least one felony charge Thursday morning.

Rochester Police said Zayden Phillips died Wednesday, after being shot on Walnut Street last week.

Zayden's father Charles Phillips is already charged with first degree assault and second degree criminal possession of a weapon. Investigators found a Century Arms Canik 9mm pistol in the basement of the home on Walnut Street. The pistol was loaded with nine rounds when it was discovered, according to a criminal complaint filed in court over the weekend.

A grand jury will now decide if he will face additional charges.

Phillips had completed his parole just two weeks before the shooting. He was released on parole on April 7, 2015, but was re-arrested less than four months later due to a failure to adhere to parole conditions. He was later re-released on April 7, 2016 completed his parole on October 7, 2017.

The family has started a GoFundMe fundraising page to help pay for funeral expenses for Zayden."


The top pic is his most resent mugshot. The bottom is from his last arrest. Check out the difference!

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