Holly Colino Deemed Mentally Unfit to Stand Trial

13 WHAM - "The woman accused of shooting an Orleans County woman dead in her car back in August has been deemed not mentally competent to stand trial.

Holly Colino was in court Tuesday morning.

Last month, a judge ordered Colino to undergo a mental health evaluation to determine if she would be mentally fit to stand trial for the murder of Megan Dix.

In court on Tuesday, Colino told the judge she is competent. She asked what her rights are for her mental health, adding that she will refuse to take pills or go into confinement. She added that she is a mental heath advocate, and knows how to represent herself in court.

Judge Schiano responded to her by saying she must prove that to doctors. He added that Colino has been writing him letters from October 5 until October 26. They will be kept sealed.

"It's important to note this examination and what happened today has nothing to do with what may or may not be presented at trial," said Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Perry Duckles. "It's a completely different proceeding. We're just trying to get to the point where everyone feels confident a fair trial can be had."

"I can only really speculate on what ultimately will be the disposition of this case in terms of her mental status and her competency," defense attorney Mark Foti said. "I do feel there is certainly the potential here that she will be deemed competent, this will return to court, and she will be presumed innocent, as she is now, and we will ultimately proceed to trial."

Colino will work with two doctors for a year. She is scheduled to return to court on August 27, 2018."

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