Patrick Brooks Found GUILTY For 2016 Murder of Wife/Daughter

SprectrumNews - "Jury deliberations started Tuesday in the Patrick Brooks murder trial and Wednesday, the jurors came to their verdict.

Brooks was found guilty of murder in the second degree for killing his estranged wife Christie and his daughter Victoria in their Wellington Avenue home the day after Thanksgiving last year.

Deliberations followed closing arguments Tuesday morning when the jury asked to review evidence, including an aerial map and a bag recovered from a dumpster containing bloody items: One of those bloody items is the alleged murder weapon, a knife.

In a rare move, Judge Dinolfo allowed jurors to put on gloves and inspect the knife under supervision in the courtroom. The prosecution says the knife slipped out of Brooks' hand and cut his palm.

Prosecutor Bill Gargan believes the evidence linking Brooks to the crime was overwhelming.

“It is a collection of evidence that is so powerful, it provides a difficult avenue for acquittal. Because if you look dispassionately at that DNA evidence, it puts him at the scene,” Gargan said Tuesday."


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