Astacio Released from Jail

13 WHAM - "Judge Leticia Astacio was in court Friday afternoon for a hearing regarding her alleged probation violations.

On Friday, Judge Stephen Aronson ordered that Astacio be released from the Livingston County Jail. She is being ordered to return back to the Livingston County Court for a hearing on November 20.

Astacio has been in the Livingston County Jail since October 23 when a judge ordered her to be held there until Friday's hearing. Numerous attempts by her attorney, Gregory Salmon, to have bail set or release her from jail were unsuccessful.

There are seven alleged violations in total, running from July until October. Astacio was sentenced to 60 days in jail and three years of probation for a DWI conviction on July 6.

In July, a notice alleging three separate violations was filed, including one in which her ankle monitor registered a 0.127 BAC. This came after probation officers say Astacio failed to plug in the base unit of her alcohol monitoring device and another instance in which she claims to have used a foot peel with alcohol-containing ingredients.

In October, two other notices were filed, detailing another four alleged violations involving travel and failure to notify or seek the permission of her probation officer to travel.

Employees at the Hall of Justice in Rochester confirmed Astacio has not been at work since August 31, citing a doctor's note. She is still receiving her $174,000 annual salary.

The NYS Judicial Conduct Commission has an open case on Astacio. They met on Thursday, October 26, but the commission has not yet indicated if they made any decisions about Astacio's status as an elected judge."

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