Did Miko Grimes drop some truth about the Raiders?

Did the Raiders Offensive Line let Derek Carr get injured because he told them to stand during the National Anthem?  That is what Miko Grimes of VH1's Baller Wives (and wife of Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Cornerback Brent Grimes) said this morning on iHeart Radio's 'The Breakfast Club.'  Her comments about the Raiders Offensive Line letting Carr get hurt begin around 12:30 in the video below.  

Just type Miko Grimes' into any search engine and you will find many articles and Raider player tweets disputing her claim. 

I don't want to believe Miko.  However, this is a link to an article in the Mercury News the day after the Raiders lost to the Redskins on Sunday night in week three and it leaves some room for Miko's story. The Mercury News captured video inside the post game locker room that is available at the link above and it too leaves some room for Miko's story.

However, there are many people bringing up the point that Derek was not hurt until the next week during the Broncos game, not the Redskins game like Miko claimed.  Fair point, but watch the video of the play Derek Carr got hurt on below. That O-line looks like they didn't even try!  What is #73 doing? 

There may be some truth in Miko's words, just look at all the players and articles saying there is no truth in her words.  That smells like over compensation!  I think Miko hit a nerve with her truth.

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