Greece Has a Creeper Peeper

WHEC - "Cameras caught a prowler performing a lewd act while watching neighbors through their windows on Carlisle Street.

Neighbors first noticed a suspicious car on October 30, seeing the driver get out and walk around a nearby home.

“When the homeowners turned on the light, he took off running,” recalled Jamie Staub. Since then, she has been on high alert.

On Thursday, she saw tail lights through her front window and noticed it was the same vehicle parked in the same spot.She had been out on the back porch working and hadn’t noticed when the car pulled up. She called her husband who called police on his way home."

WHEC - “The police came and we reviewed the footage together,” she explained. It was at that point she realized just how close the suspect came to her. The cameras caught the man walking from window to window, making his way towards the back of the house where she was working.

He continues to walk towards her as she was completely unaware. He is then seen on camera pulling down his pants and touching himself.

When she posted the incident on Facebook; neighbors immediately started sharing tips. While police did recently arrest a man in the area driving a similar car and matching the description from witnesses, they cannot positively confirm it is the same person on the home camera.

At this point, they say the investigation is ongoing"


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