Two "Men" Arrested for Vandalizing Perinton VFW Statue

13 WHAM - Two men were arrested Sunday in connection with vandalism to a Perinton VFW Post statue honoring fallen soldiers.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, 22-year-old Rhys Baetzhold and 18-year-old Anthony Fennell were arrested and charged by deputies.


"Baetzhold and Fennell are accused of vandalizing the bronze memorial sculpture at the VFW Post 8495.

Early Sunday morning, deputies said they spotted Baetzhold riding his bicycle and stopped him. Baetzhold admitted to damaging the monument and stealing the rifle portion of it. He then added that Fennell was involved in the crime. Investigators believe that both Baetzhold and Fennell planned and executed the crime together.

Deputies responded to Fennell's house and searched it after being given permission by the homeowner. Deputies found the stolen monument in the basement next to Fennell's bed.

Fennell was subsequently arrested Sunday evening.

Baetzhold and Fennell were each charged with felony grand larceny 4th, felony criminal mischief 3rd, and conspiracy 5th. Both were released on appearance tickets to answer charges in Perinton Town Court on November 21.

Iron Smoke Distillery, a business in the same neighborhood, started a GoFundMe fundraising page to raise $3,800 to restore the statue."

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