Search for Rochester Mother, Child is Believed to be in California

13 WHAM - "Rochester Police said Friday they are working with the FBI after a five-year-old girl was reported missing by family members.

According to police, Leilani “Lily” Ortiz was picked up by her mother, Rene Stong, 32, in Rochester Wednesday around 4 p.m. When the child did not return home, family members contacted police.

Family members tell us Stong is mentally ill and has not had custody of Lily since she was an infant.

Lily’s guardian is her paternal grandmother, according to family.

Family members said they and police went to Lily’s school on Lake Avenue in Rochester, Thursday, to see surveillance video from the day prior.

Police later determined Stong had taken her daughter to the Greater International Airport and left the area on Wednesday. Stong then flew to Detroit, spent the night in a hotel with her daughter, and flew out to San Diego on Thursday, family members say.

They are currently believed to be in southern California."


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