Gates Woman Makes False Allegations Against Gates Police Officers

13 WHAM - "A Gates woman has been arrested accused of making a punishable false written statement.

Police say Tina Lehman, 49, physically interfered and obstructed an officer who was holding four suspects while waiting for backup. The suspects had been removed from a vehicle and ordered to the ground when marijuana and a hand gun were observed inside the car, according to police.

The following day, Lehman reportedly filed a citizens complaint against two of the officers, claiming one of them pointed a gun directly into her face for five minutes. She also claimed that another officer pushed her face in the mud after she was handcuffed.

Police say Lehman gave a Sworn Written Statement regarding the allegations.

After an investigation, which included a review of body camera footage, investigators determined the allegations were false.

Lehman was issued an appearance ticket for making a punishable "False Written Statement" and is scheduled to appear in court next month."


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