Rochester Rhinos Announce One-Year Hiatus from League

13 WHAM - "The Rochester Rhinos announced Thursday the team will be taking a one-year hiatus from USL play during the 2018 season.

Two weeks ago, Rochester Rhinos co-owners David and Wendy Dworkin pleaded with the Rochester community for $1.3 million to stay in business. While the team noted the community's rallying following this call, a statement released Thursday read, "Significant gaps remain, including Capelli Sport Stadium's exclusion from receiving a portion of the Hotel Occupancy Tax."

A rally held Tuesday evening at Capelli Sport Stadium had fans heartbroken over the potential of a suspended 2018 season. The team said anyone who had bought season tickets for the 2018 season would be reimbursed starting in December.


"The club will reportedly remain in good standing with the USL in the 2018 season. The team also said, in the future, it, "will aim to build on recent momentum with local business leaders and fans to create stronger bonds."

A statement from team co-owner David Dworkin read:

"We want to sincerely thank our fans, sponsors, players, coaches and staff for their unwavering enthusiasm, and their attempts to rally others. We will continue to work diligently with supporters, the regional business community and government leaders to solidify a foundation for sustained success, including placing Capelli Sport Stadium on equal footing with other facilities in Monroe County and the City of Rochester."

Capelli Sport Stadium will reportedly continue to hosty concerts, festivals and other events in the coming year

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