Grieving Mother Giving a VERY Meaningful Puppy

SpectrumNews - "A special, early Christmas gift for a Wayne county woman who suffered a horrible loss just two weeks ago.

Marion mother Stephanie Christie lost her two sons — 20-year-old Taylor Christie and 16-year-old Evan Woodward — in an automobile accident on November 20th.

Wayne County Sheriff's deputies say Taylor lost control of his car and struck a tree shortly after picking up his younger brother, Evan, from basketball practice in Marion. Evan was a junior at Marion Central.

While mourning the loss of her sons with some of their friends, Stephanie learned her boys had made payments on a puppy. The dog, an 8-week-old pit bull named Voogd, was to be a Christmas gift for their mom. The friends finished the payments and presented the pup to Stephanie Monday night.

The boys had looked up the meaning of Voogd's name — it means "guardian" in Dutch.

A name Stephanie says is a sign of protection from her kids."


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