Local Family on 'America's Funniest Home Videos'

13WHAM - "A young boy from the Rochester area made an appearance on America's Funniest Home Videos Sunday night on 13WHAM-ABC.

Liam Heald of Brighton went fishing with his grandfather over the summer.

Cell phone video from the boat captures Liam getting spooked after seeing a fish land in the boat.

Liam's mother Kara told 13WHAM Sunday that her students at Ruckus Dance Alliance, where she's an instructor, inspired her to submit the video to AFV.

"Everyone thinks their kids are really funny, but these guys were very persistent, telling me I had to send it in," said Heald.

"They see my kids all the time, they love my kids," said Heald. "And you always think your videos are adorable when they're your own kids, but they really were on me about it, all week long."

Heald said she submitted the video in September. The show got back to her a couple weeks later, saying they'd tell her a week in advance when the video would air.

Unfortunately, the video did not crack the top three Sunday night."

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