4th-Man Contestant for 2018 Miss NY USA Pageant

So we get this e-mail from a beautiful 4th-Man named Christina:

"Hey guys, my name is Christina Barker and I'm proud to say that I'm a contestant in the upcoming Miss New York pageant of 2018. My goal is to show the world and society that beauty doesn't come from how the girl looks, but it comes from within and definitely not what the weight on the scale says or the size of her clothes. 

I've been having trouble collecting sponsors. I've been turned down by many because they don't believe a full figured woman should be in the pageant. I've collected 400 of the sponsorship fee and I'm Still down 1095 . The money is due this Saturday at pre-orientation and I wish not to get disqualified because of people's beliefs.

I am working two jobs, plus going to college full-time and on the side I've been supporting my mama to get back and forth to work as well to pay some bills."

Christina has such an amazing message and we would love to help her reach her goal.

 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Please donate if you can RIGHT HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


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