Probation Sentence Upheld and Appeal Denied for #DrunkyJudge

13WHAM - "In a briefing filed late Friday afternoon, Judge William Kocher denied all but one of Judge Leticia Astacio's motions to overturn her probation sentence.

This comes two days after Astacio's appeals to vacate the terms of her original DWI sentence was denied by Judge Stephen Aronson.

In a motion filed last month, the Rochester City Court judge contended that her sentence of a one-year conditional discharge should be vacated on the grounds that her conviction was "unlawful." To that effect, she filed a 40-page appeal.

On Tuesday, Judge Stephen Aronson issued a 26-page brief denying all of Astacio's motions to appeal her original conviction of DWI.

The 18-page briefing filed by Judge Kocher states that Astacio did violate the terms of her conditional discharge. The probation terms were modified to eliminate the provision that Astacio pay for the SCRAM device - her alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet. She will still be required to wear it."


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