Former Employees Say Charlotte Restaurant Owner Owes Them Wages

13 WHAM - "A Charlotte restaurant owner says the city isn't giving him a fair shake, and now some of his former employees are accusing him of the same thing.

Alex Burns used to work for Scott as a manager at Mom’s Margios at the Port of Rochester. He said Scott owes him and other employees hundreds of dollars in wages from both the port and a previous location on Dewey Avenue from the fall of 2016."

"Burns claims there were bounced checks.

“He never paid anybody overtime,” Burns said. “He never paid people when we had payroll issues, and things of that nature. We work. we work to get paid. Pay us. It's that simple."

Scott said all employees at the port location have been paid. However, he does admit to owing a few debts from another diner he owned that abruptly shut down.

Jeffrey Scott co-owns Mom's Margios at the Port. He's been having a tough time keeping up with his rent and is asking the city to rework his lease so he can stay. On Tuesday, the city attorney said that's not happening.

The New York State Labor Department got back to 13WHAM, stating that 2016 claim with their office involving Mom's Margios has been resolved."

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