Cousins Born Hours Apart, Different Years

13 WHAM - "Two families from Fairport are celebrating the New Year with new babies. One born in 2017, the other in 2018. They also happen to be cousins.

Sister-in-laws Amanda Adams and Samantha Dapier realized early on they were both expecting."


"They said we wanted to tell you we were expecting and we were like congratulations and then Phil goes Amanda is pregnant too and she says 'Shut the front door, this is awesome!’” said Adams.

The two were due two weeks apart -- Samantha on December 26th, Amanda expecting on January 9th.

The two babies would decide otherwise.

On New Year's Eve, Samantha and her husband welcomed a little girl, Meara Kai.

Just hours later on New Year's Day, Amanda and her husband welcomed a baby boy, Brady Michael.

"We had the same delivering doctor and the same labor and delivery nurse who was amazing,” said Adams.

Their beds were side by side at Highland Hospital.

"If Brady cries, she cries. If she cries, Brady cries. They are like a little tag team already,” said Dapier"

"The new additions giving these parents a new reason to celebrate the New Year from now on.

"I was thinking that the other day. New Year's is never going to be the same,” said Adams."

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