U of R Sexual Misconduct 'harmful' but Not 'unlawful' Behavior

13 WHAM - "The results of an independent investigation into sexual misconduct at the University of Rochester were released Thursday afternoon.

The report, which can be read here, was investigated, compiled and published by former U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White and her law firm Debevoise & Plimpton LLP."


"The broad preliminary analysis of the report indicates that indicates that a professor in the Brain & Cognitive Sciences Department, Dr. Florian Jaeger, "was at times inappropriate, unprofessional and offensive, and may have been harmful to some students," but the behavior was not unlawful."

"The investigation focused on a federal EEOC complaint regarding a university , but also at the university's broader sexual misconduct practices, which have sparked interest nationwide. Eleven students and faculty members accused Dr. Jaeger of stalking, pressuring students to share drugs and have sex and creating a hostile environment. Another federal complaint is also accusing the University of Rochester of performing a shoddy investigation into the allegations once they first came to light."

"During the news conference Thursday afternoon, White repeatedly emphasized this is a legal not moral conclusion. She urged everyone to read the full report before making any judgments."

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