Parma Man Seeks Justice After Being Shot by Guys Doing Target Practice

DandC -"Kevin Flannery always had a routine for mowing the path through the field behind his house. He'd ride out about 1,000 feet, then turn around and come back. The red, zero-turn, commercial-grade mower carved a pretty wide swath, but it took four or five round trips to get the width he preferred.  

As he made his first pass on a warm, quiet October afternoon in 2016, he heard a sound from the engine behind him — the sound of metal on metal.


The engine was running fine, so he kept going. On his return trip, he heard it again.


"I was like, 'What the heck was that?'" Flannery said. "I got down and was just standing there looking at it while it was idling."

A moment later, he felt the impact of a bullet as it tore through his midsection."


The bullet Kevin was hit with was a through and through.


The are the idiots who were target practicing. Ryan Pellman, left, and Matthew Rodgers.

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