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Sports Illustrated decided to highlight three rookie models for the 2018 Swimsuit Issue.  Which makes me wonder who your favorite of the three would be.

Check out the descriptions from SI and some of their Instagram pics below and scroll back up to vote on your favorite!

OLIVIA CULPO - “I am honored to be in such great company with such an iconic brand,” Culpo, the 25-year-old Instagram model and former Miss Universe, told SI. This was a major goal of mine because many of the women that have posed for SI have gone on to have such inspirational careers. I feel so blessed that this goal is becoming a reality and it shows me that hard work and positive intentions can lead to something amazing." BTW – She dates Danny Amendola – has been for almost 2 years.

BABY GOING TO THE #SUPERBOWL ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #MVP

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#BTS..... Shooting something secret 🙃🌊

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EBONEE DAVIS - Meanwhile Davis, a 25-year-old model, recently gave a TED Talk about racism in the modeling industry. Davis, who was a SI model-search contestant in 2016, tells SI, “I am not only coming back as a rookie, I am coming back as Ebonee. The real me. Unapologetic and 100 percent true to myself.” Following the model search competition in 2016, I was certain my time with Sports Illustrated had reached its end," Ebonee explained. "Shortly after the competition wrapped, and after years of conforming to industry standards, I made the career altering decision to go natural and became vocal about the racial bias I experienced during my time in the industry. "Getting the call to shoot for this year's issue of Sports Illustrated was the last thing I expected, especially after changing my appearance and speaking out, but it was one of the most fulfilling moments of my career," she continued. "What I know now that I didn't know in 2016 is I am most powerful when I am creating from my own lane and my authentic self is good enough. I am not only coming back as a rookie, I am coming back as Ebonee. The real me. Unapologetic and 100% true to myself."

Ride your own wave. #SS17Hyperwave 🌊

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I turned 24 years old at midnight, what a blessing -- what a year. This year I found myself and more importantly I found God. Not the same God I learned about in church when I was a kid. There, I as taught about a repressive God; one who required perfection in an imperfect world. One who made me run and hide from the condemnation of myself and others. When I think about it now, I realize how contradictory this is. Are you telling me that God, with all his creativity wants us to all be exactly the same? Are you telling me that God, the supreme being and creator of all things made a mistake on me? Are you telling me that God then left it up to man to change me and condemn me for my shortcomings? When God created me, you don't think he knew the full extent of my being? Every weakness, every strength, every flaw, every mistake I would ever make? You don't think he was right there with me as I was making those mistakes, ready to pick me back up again and dust me off? God is the opposite of everything I thought. God is freedom. The freedom of knowing that every morning I wake up with a choice to be better than who I was yesterday. The freedom of knowing that I am not defined by my past mistakes. The freedom of knowing that my mistakes give me purpose, and I can turn them into lessons and use them to enlighten other people. The freedom of knowing that no matter what I do I will not be judged; I will be accepted and loved unconditionally. It is not God, but society that tells us that we are not good enough and that is a lie. The truth is, we are all going through shit. Each and every one of us. And we wouldn't have to go through it alone if we stopped pretending to be perfect. Free yourself from that misery. Free those around you. Stop judging and start accepting. Stop pretending and start being. Mark today as the start of your new life, a free life. There is reconciliation, there is redemption, there is resurrection. 🌻

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On my way up. I'll see you when I get there. 🚀

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HUNTER MCGRADY - is a 23-year-old plus-size activist and was photographed wearing only body paint for the mag’s 2017 issue.

“Here I am, a size 16 at nearly 6 feet tall and am yet again in what is considered the sexiest magazine to come out every year!” McGrady writes on her Instagram."I feel so insanely grateful to have been asked back and am now a rookie!" Hunter told Swim Daily. "This is a dream come true! It shows women everywhere that regardless of your size, we are ALL sexy, beautiful, confident, and empowering, and I'm so happy Sports Illustrated is continuing this body positive conversation.

Playful Promises. 💋 shot by @tatianagigi hair by @vtgesther makeup by @dendoll

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Long weekend got me like 🤗☀️🕶

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Sending sexy vibes to the @si_swimsuit model search girls today! Go get em ladies!! Photo by @tatianagigi makeup @dendoll hair @vtgesther lingerie @playfulpromises

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