Astacio Files Motion to Overturn Court Decision

13 WHAM - "Attorneys for Leticia Astacio have filed a new legal challenge on her behalf.

The embattled Rochester City Court judge is pursuing a motion to overturn the court decision that put her in jail for several weeks last summer."


"13WHAM News has learned a motion was filed this month that claims the court never gave Astacio adequate notice to appear in court and submit a blood alcohol test last May. The test was requested due to allegations that Astacio had violated the conditions of her sentence for a DWI conviction.

This was during Astacio's overseas trip to Thailand when she told her attorney to tell the media she was living in a temple in the mountains with monks - not on vacation.

The court found her in violation of her sentence and ordered to spend nearly two months in jail upon her return to Rochester.

Astacio is still collecting her $173,900 annual salary and holds the elected office of Rochester City Court Judge."

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