HUGE Booze Spill in Genesee County

TheDailyNews - "It was definitely an alcohol-related crash, no doubt about it.

A Ryder truck hauling a full load of liquor overturned on Lewiston Road about 11:30 Thursday morning, dumping much of its load across the road and into a ditch.

William Schutt, deputy coordinator for Genesee Emergency Management Services, said the driver of the truck swerved to avoid a car that had entered his lane as he drove west on Lewiston near Casey and Bliss roads.

The truck went off the shoulder and when the driver attempted to get back on the road, the truck tipped over.

Schutt said the driver was making a delivery to Lockport with another truck, which was not involved in the crash.

The overturned truck blocked both sides of the road and closed traffic in both directions for four hours.

Town of Alabama firefighters assisted with the cleanup. Haz mat teams were not involved, Schutt said.

Lyons Collision of Medina was called to upright the truck.

Not long after the truck overturned, a box truck attempted to turn around and avoid the scene but got stuck in a ditch. The truck was pulled out.

Nobody was injured in the crash. Some of the liquor was salvaged. Schutt said he believed all of it was accounted for."

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