Woman Found Guilty of Biting Gates Police Officer

13 WHAM - "The woman accused of biting a Gates Police officer during an arrest then telling him she had HIV was found guilty Thursday afternoon.

Kenshara Robinson was found guilty of second-degree assault, grand larceny and petit larceny. The trial was a bench trial, meaning it was heard and tried by a judge."


"The investigator said Robinson became physically combative when he tried to arrest her. After she was placed in a holding cell, officers tried to handcuff her to a section inside the cell to calm her down. That's when Robinson bit the officers.

Robinson then yelled she was infected with HIV and hoped the investigator would get infected.

The investigator had to go to the hospital and take a series of medicines to flush his system of any diseases.

He said it made him sick for days, causing him to miss work.

Robinson is scheduled to be sentenced on April 16."

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