Find a Good Foster Home For Kitties

"For those of you that follow the local news, there is a couple missing from the Perinton area since January 30. This couple has 4 cats. My vet reached out to me yesterday asking for help placing these kitties into foster or permanent homes. It's a horribly sad situation all the way around and I think that we can come together as the animal loving community that we are and find all four babies homes. This would be a huge relief to Bob Ross, the son.

Pfoof (Long-Haired Orange) - Male, neutered, 9 years old, takes prednisone daily, very friendly and affectionatePK (Short-Haired Orange) - Female, spayed, 9 years old, friendly*Pfoof and PK need to be adopted together as they are bonded. Bouffa (Tigger Tabby w/White) - Male, neutered, 10 years old, shy at first but friendly once he gets to know youSprinkles (Calico/no pic yet) - Female, spayed, 17 years old, takes prednisone daily

If you are able to help by fostering or adopting one, please get in touch with me at or 321-948-2605. Thank you!

Location: Rochester, NY"

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