Colorado Couple Sells Everything and Buys Boat, Immediately Sinks It

I completely understand having the dream of selling all of your belongings in order to travel the world. I actually think about it often. But that doesn't mean that a lot of preparation wouldn't be necessary in order to do so. 

Preparation is exactly what was lacking when Tanner Broadwell and Nikki Walsh decided to buy a sail boat and sail the coast, when neither of them had any sailing experience. They were off the coast of Florida when their boat struck something in shallow waters and it capsized completely. They were left with nothing. They say they are hoping their friends and family will help them get back on their feet for the time being. 

The couple has set up a GoFundMe page where to can donate to help get the boat out of the water. You can read the full article and watch the news story, here.


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