DAMMYs: Best Rant

The fifth and final category for the 2018 DAMMYs (DiTullio & Moran Awards) is for Best Rant.

Explanations, and audio (where applicable) are listed below.  After getting a refresher vote at the bottom of the page.

(If you missed the fourth category, Best Guest, you can vote for that here)

Tools at Dale about hair bands

The rant that launched the popular phrase "The Buda & Moran Show".  John lit into Dale on April 11th after the show got into the topic of hair bands.

Tools took the stance that if a hairband ever made it into the Hall of Fame he would lose his mind.  A know-it-all douche bag called in to try to explain how Whitesnake actually had some really great musicians and blah, blah, blah and the DBag and John kept talking over each other.

Dale tried to intervene and it did not go well.

Tools at FB Trolls

On September 26th Tools was doing the show solo with Dale.  Bill had called in sick with some respiratory issue and was on an adventure to find an urgent care that took his insurance.

Earlier in the month John took his family (wife & daughter) back to his Alma Mater to watch the Nittany Lions beat down the Akron Zips in the season opener.  From that game, a lovely photograph of the DiTullio's was posted onto John's Facebook page, and a couple of keyboard warriors thought it would be appropriate to lecture John about taking his daughter to a place that serves alcohol.

This rant was Tools reaction.

Tools at Analytics

The Analytics movement in professional sports continues to increase in popularity.  Sometimes the information is very useful. Other times the information contradicts what people call "The Eye Test" or how the player actually looks while playing.

On September 28th Tools lost it during the 4th week of the Bills Brothers when Bill dropped a stat comparing Bills QB Tyrod Taylor and Packers Superstar Aaron Rodgers.

Bill at The Party Pooper

On December 12th Bill had to clear the air about some issues he was having with a co-worker related to the Winter Wing Ding that had taken place the weekend before.  With limited room in the Moransion (the West and East wings were undergoing renovations) Bill didn't invite everyone from work to the party, just people that he worked most directly with.

This rant was created after the person in question decided to act like a jilted middle schooler instead of an adult.

Dale at Tools About Phone Issues

Tools loves to jump on Dale whenever there is a technical issue with the show.  On January 29th, there was a technical issue, however it had nothing to do with Dale's audio board operations.  Dale got a little fed up with Tools and this is what resulted.

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