Henrietta Swim Coach Charged with Trying to Entice Child for Sex

13 WHAM - "A Henrietta man who served as a swim club coach was arrested Thursday in connection with a federal child enticement case.

Federal attorneys held a news conference Friday morning about the arrest."

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"Federal attorneys held a news conference Friday morning about the arrest.

Matthew Lincoln, 38, has been charged with enticing a minor. On December 26, 2017, Lincoln is accused of texting an 11-year-old girl and asking for photos of her body. The girl told her father, who then reached out to Brighton Police. The officers then began investigating. Federal investigators said they were not able to disclose how Lincoln obtained the phone number for the 11-year-old girl.

An undercover agent with Brighton Police began to texting Lincoln, posing as a 16-year-old girl named Ally. The two texted for weeks, during which time police say he asked for photos of her body, asking about her underwear. Lincoln also sent photos of himself to the person he believed to be Ally, one of which was a naked photo of himself in his kitchen.

On February 14, Lincoln suggested to the person he believed to be Ally that the two meet up on Thursday. During that text exchange, Lincoln allegedly described in graphic detail the various sex acts he wanted to perform with her.

On Thursday, court paperwork said Lincoln showed up at Jay's Diner in Brighton with a teddy bear, box of chocolates and a card for the person he believed to be Ally. He was then taken into custody by investigators. During the time he was in custody, Lincoln is alleged to have said he knew the potential victim was underage.

"He's a pedophile, he's a child molester," said U.S. attorney Thomas Kennedy. "I don't know if I'd believe what he said anyway.""

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"In September 2014, Lincoln began to serve as the head coach and program director for the Golden Comets Swim Club. It is a private organization based in Henrietta and is not affiliated with the Rush-Henrietta School District in any way. As of Friday morning, Lincoln was terminated from his position with the team."

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