How Well Do You Think You Know Kimberly?

> When did you first meet Barry Beck and how did you get a job on the radio together?

>> Another fan asked... what did you think of Beck when you first met him.  (First impression no cheating).

>> I will add the following to start:

>> Did you actually go to college to be on the radio?  (and how did you end up on the radio?)

>> What was the happiest day of your life?

>> What was the worst day of your life?

>> How long have you been in Rochester?

>> What are your three favorite dining places in Rochester?

>> What are your three favorite entertainment things to do in Rochester?

>> What are the two best things you love about your job?

>> What is the one thing you hate about your job (or more... just don't want this to be negative...)

>> When  you get a day off what do you do?

>> What do people not know about being a radio commentator?

>> Now that you have done both a while, which is better for you... morning or afternoon?

>> Why do you think your listeners love you so much?

>> Why do you think some people hate you and Beck?

>> Do people approach you in public when you aren't at a radio station event?

>> What three things would most surprise your fans?

>> What advice to you give women in a male dominated industry?


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