Northeast Braces For Another Bomb Cyclone

Residents in the Northeast are preparing for Winter Storm Riley which is expected to bring high winds, flooding rains, and heavy snow to the region on Friday. According to CNN, Riley "could reach bombogenesis -- or become a "bomb cyclone" -- by dropping at least 24-millibars of atmospheric pressure in 24 hours."

The storm is forecast to create tropical storm force winds along the East coast with predictions of winds between 40 and 80 miles-per-hour from Maine down to South Carolina. According to USA Today, high wind warnings and watches have been put into effect from Maine to Georgia. 

The high winds will likely result in chaos for air travelers at airports across the region. Airlines are anticipating massive delays, and some have decided to waive change fees ahead of the storm.  

The slow-moving storm is forecast to drench parts of Massachusetts with four to five inches of rain from late Thursday through Saturday. Other areas could see between two and four inches of rain. 

Coastal areas are at high risk of flooding because tides are at their highest point on the month due to the full moon. Wave heights are expected to be between four and eight feet and result in two to three feet of storm surge in areas of Eastern Long Island and Boston. Several coastal communities have already issued voluntary evacuations according to Mass Live


Upstate New York and parts of New England could see up to 18 inches of wet, heavy snow which has the potential to knock down trees and power lines. The high winds and heavy snow could result in blizzard conditions in parts of New York and Pennsylvania. 

Photo: Twitter


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