Keyboard Cat Dies at the Age of 9

Keyboard Cat, one of the Internet's first viral feline phenomenons, has reportedly died at age 9.

Bento, as he was known around the house, first gained recognition in 2010 when the video "Keyboard Cat: Reincarnated" was uploaded to YouTube. 

The former shelter cat's video was the sequel to the original "Keyboard Cat" video from 2007, according to Complex, which featured footage from the '80s of owner Charlie Schmidt's cat Fatso.

"Keyboard Cat: Reincarnated" has been viewed nearly 11 million times and earned the little orange tabby a starring role in a television commercial that aired during the 2010 World Series. 

In a video titled "Keyboard Cat, Bento, A Tribute" uploaded Friday, Schmidt includes footage from several Keyboard Cat videos, including a pro-pet adoption ad he starred in with Bento.

"This cat helps me make art because he's always motivating me to take pictures of him, draw pictures of him," Schmit says in the ad. 

You can watch the tribute above, containing many Bento clips, and Bento's first viral video below.

Bento and Schmidt made several videos together. But the pair's influence on Internet culture is truly significant. 

Schmidt has not said what caused Bento's death. But he will be missed

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