Ohio Woman Killed Chihuahua in Her Oven

An Ohio woman has been arrested after allegedly killing a Chihuahua after cooking it in an oven because she believed her ex-boyfriend's spirit was inside the animal, police said. 

28-year-old Noelle Georgia Moor was charged with first degree animal abuse for the 7-year-old pet's death The Oregonian reported. A person who knew Moor called police on Tuesday after making the grisly discovery. 

A probable cause affidavit painted a grisly picture of the scene discovered by officers. "The smell of burnt hair and flesh was still in the air," police said. 

Records show that Moor allegedly placed the Chihuahua in the oven because she believed her ex-boyfriend had possessed the animal. 

According to the Daily Astorian, Moor reportedly suffers from several mental health issues and mental health professionals had been in contact with the woman because of severe disturbances. 

Moor was arrested at the Columbia Memorial Hospital on Wednesday.


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