John DiTullio and godson Jameson Moran

John DiTullio is now godfather to Bill Moran's youngest son Jameson!

John DiTullio and God Son Jameson Moran

I first met John DiTullio thanks to  Brother WEASE.  We were both part of his show, then called Radio Free WEASE in the 2000's.  We hit it off immediately.  Fast forward to 2016, the DiTullio and Moran show is created on Radio 95.1.  Sure we busts each others chops, but everyone who listens knows that we have a deep respect and genuine love for each other.  My wife Jennae and I were so happy that DiTullio agreed to be our youngest son, Jameson's godfather.  A lot of people are described as a "good guy," I describe John DiTullio as a "great man."


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