Mother NOT HAPPY After Viral Easter Video of Child

Some children look forward to Easter every year, ready to sit on the bunny's lap and hunt for the eggs he hid for them Easter morning. For others, Easter is less than a "hoppy" holiday.

A video taken at Around the World Learning Center, a Kissimmee, FL daycare, went viral last week. It shows students, a two-year-old girl in particular, horrified by a visit from the Easter bunny. When the bunny walked into the classroom, students screamed in horror, most running in the opposite direction. 

The video sparked immediate reaction online, causing laughs from viewers- it was even featured on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" But the video isn't getting a humorous reaction from one important person- the star of the video's mother. 

Cassandra Bryson says she signed a form through the daycare that denied permission for her child to be recorded, and is irritated with the employee who originally took the video. She is now giving news sources the permission to use the video, and advises parents to check into their day care's policy on sharing photos/videos of children.

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