In memory of Sam Kinison - Sam on WEASE's show in 1989

This video shows the extensive history of Brother WEASE!  I had the fortune of being a part of Brother WEASE's Morning Radio Show in the early 2000's, a time I will always look back on fondly. 

Brother WEASE has a unique way of connecting with people from all walks of life and one that fell in love with WEASE was Sam Kinison.  I never met Sam, but I met his buddies Jimmy Shubert and Carl LaBove who told me that if Sam were performing within driving distance of Rochester, ie Syracuse, Buffalo, Toronto, he would drive in to see WEASE.  I have been on the radio a long time too, and even my Mother will not drive to see me when she's in Skaneatles! 

I do not know exactly what I was doing twenty six years ago today, probably because I was in college at St. John Fisher and it was a Friday night.  I could guess what I was doing and probably be right, but why?  I do know that on Sunday, April 12th I was working on philosophy paper that was due the following morning.  I was still working on the paper when Brother WEASE came on the air Monday, April 13th at 6 AM and talked about the passing of Sam.  I remember WEASE souding somber, like he lost a friend. 

In 1992 I was only in Rochester for college.  I did not know WEASE, but I knew of him.  I had worked at a radio station in my hometown of Poughkeepsie, WPDH and the morning guy at the time, Bob Wolfheld, used to ask me what Brother WEASE's show was like to listen to.  I remembering telling him that Brother WEASE's show was funny, real and WEASE had a cool way of talking.  He made you feel like you were part of his inner circle.  An inner circle that included Sam Kinison. 

On the 26th anniversary of Sam passing I wanted you to see Sam with Brother WEASE.  Thanks to Opie Hughes, former WEASE intern and now superstar radio talent, there is this youtube video.  I have also posted my favorite Sam Kinison bit.  As I watched I was reminded Brother WEASE was always as cool as he is today.  

Bill Moran

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