2 Guys Arrested in Starbucks For "Not Ordering?"

A few days ago, two African American Men were arrested at a Starbucks for trespassing when in reality they were waiting for a real estate agent for a potential investment opportunity.

The store manager, who is white, called police and accused the men for trespassing.

While the police were questioning the "suspects", they two men NEVER raised their voices or showed any sign of aggression WHATSOEVER.

That is when other civilians pulled out their cell phones and began recording the situation.

In one of the videos, you can hear a woman say "They didn't do anything."

The Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, issued a disappointed message alluding to the notion of what racial discrimination looks like in 2018.

Although the overall consensus is that the police officers didn't do anything wrong because they were responding to a call for trespassing.....We here at CRASH MORNINGS don't entirely agree with that.

The cops should have known that if two men did nothing wrong, they SHOULD NOT HAVE PUT THE CUFFS ON THEM....if the cops would have spoken with the store manager and explained that there is nothing the two men did to justify an arrest, and walk away, we wouldn't be talking about this. But the fact that they did make the arrest, that is not right!

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