Car Crashes Into House Causing Gas Explosion

A driver lost control of his car and crashed into a house in Hurst, Texas, a town about 12 miles northeast of Fort Worth. The crash damaged a gas line which exploded several minutes laterwhile police were attempted to rescue the victims of the crash.

The explosion was captured on surveillance video and was so strong it shook neighboring houses. Five people were injured in the explosion. Three family members in the home were hurt along with two police officers. The mother is listed in critical condition with burns covering over forty percent of her body. Her husband and son suffered less severe injuries while the two officers were hurt while assisting the driver when the house exploded. 

A neighbor who was jogging by the house when it exploded described it "almost traumatizing because I'd just seen this house explode."

"I don't know how to describe it. It was really almost traumatizing because I'd just seen this house explode. Feeling what I'm feeling, I've just never felt it before," she said.

The driver was unharmed and taken into custody by police for traffic offenses. 

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