A-Rod's Nephew Kidnapped When Lamborghini Sale Goes Bad

Alex Rodriguez’s nephew was kidnapped and held for a ransom in a New York City hotel. The kidnappers did not target Norberto Susini because of his relationship to the former Major League Baseball star but instead took him hostage after a $600,000 car sale went south. 

Susini, who plays minor league baseball, was working with a friend to attempt to complete the sale of a $600,000 Lamborghini with Lamin Vucetovic and Anthony Gilkes when they took him hostage in a Manhatten hotel room. The two men demanded a refund of the $30,000 down payment they made and wanted to cancel the sale. When he refused they called his business partners and demanded a ransom and the car in exchange for his release.

Instead of giving into their demands, Susini's business partners called the police. The police arrested the two men at the hotel. Gilkes was charged with unlawful imprisonment while Vucetovic faces a kidnapping charge.


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