Meghan Markle's Dad Had Heart Attack, Won't Be at Wedding

Meghan Markle's father won't be walking the soon-to-be royal down the aisle on Saturday (May 19), after all. According to TMZ, much fallout from the photo deal that he made with paparazzi has caused him to suffer a heart attack. 

"Thomas Markle tells TMZ, he meant no harm to Meghan or the Royal Family when he made a deal to allow a photo agency to take pics of him getting ready for the wedding," the news outlet reports. "He says he had a reason and it was not principally about money."

Thomas also added that the only reason that he made such a deal with photographers was because he didn't like how he was being portrayed to the public. "Markle tells us over the last year he's been ambushed by paparazzi who have photographed him in the most unflattering circumstances ... buying beer, looking disheveled and reclusive," TMZ continues. "He's especially upset that they made him look like a lush. Thomas says he doesn't even drink beer ... he was buying it for the guards at the place where he lives."

The father, who was supposed to give Meghan away in a few days at the royal wedding, said that he didn't see anything wrong with partnering up with the paps. He ended up making off with a big pay day because of the pictures. However, Thomas now deeply regrets what he's done to his daughter, during such an important time in her life. 

The dad also admitted that he suffered a heart attack six days ago. He checked himself out of the hospital because he wanted to be there to walk Meghan down the aisle. However, he's decided that he won't attend the wedding anymore because he doesn't want to be anymore of an embarrassment to Meghan and the royal family. 


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