Cafeteria Worker Gives Note to Brighton 7th Grader

Kimberly and Beck talk 4th Man Jeff:

"So i want everyone to know what happen to my son at school yesterday( Brington school district) He was walking down the hall when one of the staff employee (adult) pulled him to the side and handed him a note with her name,cell phone number, address,age and what car she has. She wrote on the note and told my son not to tell anyone!!!! He took the note to the principal. Then he called me to tell me what happened. HIM NOT THE SCHOOL! When I talked to the principal he told me it was true what had happend. The Principal said "we will be in touch with you about it " I was so upset how he did not give any info about it right away or ask us to come in to talk with him and with my son. They did not call the police . I had to call the school to demand to come in and talk to them about it. When i went there i had them have Brington police come in too. I sat down and they would not tell me any info about what happen!!!!! They just said they will take care of it. I was like "what does that mean" . The principal and two officers said she was fired but their is nothing else we can do about this! That is not ok . They did not ask how my son is doing or how he is feeling. They just sent him back to class! The school does not want anyone to know about this! I asked if they are going to send out a letter to the parents of the students. "NO we do not need to do that"! Yes you do i said! You have a child predator working in your school. Parents have the right to know that! The school just wants nothing to do with this! BUT THIS IS NOT THE END. I WILL MAKE SURE BRINGTON SCHOOL DOES THE RIGHT THING! YES SHE IS A CHILD PREDATOR AND IT'S NOT OK TO LOOK PAST THIS!!!!!!"



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