Photos: Deanna Took the Kids to the Yankee Game

I love last minute road trips. When I found out the New York Yankees were playing in Toronto last night I scouted several websites for tickets.  I found three seats in section 113, Row 1 - which is in right field - for just $30 a pop.  I couldn't buy them fast enough. I picked my kids up from school and told them the surprise. They squealed with delight. Then, moments later continued bickering. My daughter tried inning after inning to get a ball from Judge. He throws his practice ball out to the crowd every inning. It was the 8th inning when her dream came true. Judge threw her the ball. She missed it. The ball bounced on her seat and into the row directly behind us. A man scooped it up. I whipped my head around and gave him "the look."  In this case, it was the "if you don't give my daughter that ball I will beat you down" look.  It took him two seconds to fork the ball over. In all seriousness, we were sitting with a great group of people who were rooting for my daughter to get a ball. They cheered for her. My daughter was so happy she started to cry. Judge also threw a ball to my 11-year-old son. Judge was grinning ear to ear after seeing my son's reaction. There are players who refuse to even look when young fans shout their name. I have been to a number of games and Judge is always a class act. Here is some video and photos from the game. Plus, a screenshot of us on TV. 


We were on TV!
Aaron Judge


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