Passenger on Spirit Airlines Flight Goes INSANE

A passenger on a Spirit Airlines flight from Houston to Minneapolis threw an expletive-filled tantrum after the flight had to be diverted for a sick passenger and landed in Rochester, Minn. 

The woman can be seen melting down in the video posted to Facebook, as she paces back and forth in the aisle while her fellow passengers attempt to calm her down.

"Get me the f*** off this god-damn f******* plane!" the woman can be heard yelling at one point. "You want to be s***** and b***** to me? You'll see me f****** pissed."

Chianti Washington posted the video to her Facebook page, saying the woman seemed irate by the diversion and that everyone on-board was affected by the woman's outburst. 

Irate passenger on my flight Spirit Airlines while making an emergency landing for a passenger with a medical issue!

Warning: explicit language throughout the video. Probably want to wear headphones for this (or just keep the sound off). 

Washington says she spotted other passengers and at least one flight attendant crying after the incident. 

Spirit Airlines issued a statement saying the passenger on the flight had become "erratic and irate" and was removed from the plane with the help of law enforcement. 

"We apologize to our guests who had to witness this and for the inconvenience of the delay," the statement read.

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