Fundraising Starts for Waterloo Shooting Victims

Help Karen Zdunko Recover

As many of you know, Karen was wounded in a shooting on July 10, 2018 at her home in Waterloo, NY. Thankfully, Karen survived but sadly lost both her live-in boyfriend and close friend who were both fatally wounded in the shooting. 

As a result of her injuries, Karen will have extensive medical bills and other expenses to heal and recover while simultaneously mourning the loss of both her long time partner and friend. Due to unrelated medical conditions beyond her control, Karen is unable to work. ANYTHING you can donate, no matter the amount, will be extremely appreciated by Karen and those who care about her.  

Please share this campaign so we can reach as many people as possible.


Lori was recently a victim of domestic violence and lost her life. Her family lost a daughter, mother, and grandmother. They were not prepared for such a tragedy. So I am asking for help from friends and family so they could get Lori a nice headstone and have one less worry as they grieve.

Thank you for sharing and any help.

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