CRAZY Video of Cop Shooting Out His Windshield While Chasing Suspects

A Las Vegas police officer's attempt to pull over a black SUV in connection with a recent murder turned into a wild shootout as the suspects fled from the cop and opened fire while speeding through a residential neighborhood.

The high-speed chase and wild shootout was captured by William Umana's body camera. In the video, Umana was reporting to dispatch that he was chasing the vehicle when shots rang out. Umana continues to chase the fleeing Ford Expedition, weaving through traffic while dodging bullets being fired by the men in the SUV. 

Eventually, Umana pulls out his gun, rolls down his window and returns fire. After he was unable to get a clean shot from the window, he fires right through his windshield, striking the vehicle multiple times. The high-speed chase comes to end as the SUV crashes into the wall of an elementary school. 

One of the suspects, identified as 30-year-old Rene Nunez, attempted to run into the school but was unable to get inside because the doors were locked. He was taken into custody and faces multiple charges including murder and attempted murder. 

The other suspect, Fidel Miranda, was shot and killed as he ran toward one of the police cruisers. 

The two suspects fired 34 times in five separate volleys during the chase, and Officer Umana fired 31 shots. 

“In my opinion, they show a level of bravery, professionalism, heroics, that we come to expect of our officers,” Las Vegas Metro police assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly said during a press conference“The officer could have backed off but he didn’t, he stuck with that individual knowing what type of individual he was dealing with.”

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