Texas Woman Bites Off Nose of Victim and Swallows It

Wait, what?! Yep you read the headline correctly, we have a human being straight out of Conroe, Texas being accused of taking a bite at another woman's face and gulping down part of the victim's nose. Jessica Collins, 41, is charged with assault-bodily injury. It all started when the victim, 28- year old Tatiana, decided to go to a bar with her next door neighbor and Collins who had been staying with the neighbor temporarily. After the group of women arrived back home Tatiana says Collins demanded more alcohol and cigarettes and got very upset when Tatiana commanded her to leave her home. Collins horrifically responded by jumping on Tatiana pulling her hair and allegedly chopping off a big chunk of her nose with her teeth. 

"I started calling my husband when I was in the ambulance," Tatiana said. "I was screaming, like, 'I don't have a nose. I'm 28 years old and I don't have a nose anymore.'" (ABC 13)

Doctors have seen Tatiana and have determined she needs immediate plastic surgery. Unfortunately Tatiana does not have insurance and friends have started her a GoFundMe to help get this process started. GoFundMe account

Collins has currently been released on bond. Read more 

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