A Huge Change At The "Full House" House


As you probably know just from being a Bay Area resident, the people that live on the street where the house from the show “Full House” is located (Broderick St. in SF) are fed up with the constant tourists and tour buses and just overall commotion from tourists trying to get a look at the house from the show.

Those residents are very happy this morning as they have successfully pleaded with the Municipal Transportation Agency board who has agreed that the traffic in front of the “Full House” house is getting out of control and they have agreed to ban any tour buses with more than 9 seats.

There are, on average, 1000 to 1500 visitors a day via car, buses, Uber, Lyft, bikes and motorcycles to that house.

The ban of tour buses is a small step but neighbors say, an important one!

(Photo: Getty Images)

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