Swimming Rattlesnake Attempts To Climb Aboard Boat

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A terrifying scene on Fontana Lake North Carolina when a rattlesnake swam up to a nearby boat and attempted to make it's way on board. The family was luckily able to shoo the snake away... The video footage will make your hair stand up! See below: 

Once a year we spend our day with the kids of @AdventureAmputeeCamp, incident-free. This year, an uninvited rattlesnake boarded our boat with campers on board! Two camp counselors out on our tube and 4 children with limb differences (and my 2 kids and wife) kept it mostly cool until I was able to get him off! Welcome to Lake Day on Fontana Lake! @absolut_cubana #snake #rattlesnake #fontanalake #mastercraftboats #lakelife

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