The Ferrari Challenge at Watkins Glen

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The Ferrari Challenge is race where Ferrari owners compete using the 458 Challenge, a special racing model derived from the 458 road car. It is hosted at some of the most acclaimed tracks in North America and this weekend it was at Watkins Glen!  Below are some photos and videos from Sunday's Ferrari Challenge at Watkins Glen. 

The first video shows a car that may be popping up in your neighborhood soon!

‘Bill’s eYe View’ Ferrari makes a family wagon? @jennaemoran #ferrarichallenge

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We spent sometime down in the pits at the beginning of the days first race.  Each one of these Ferraris are built for racing and cost about $400,000 - plus race fuel which I THINK goes for $11 a gallon and tires.

‘Bill’s eYe View’ And they’re off! #ferrarichallenge @wgi1948 #roc

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Part of racing at any level are accidents.  Unfortunately there was an accident coming out of turn 2 (I believe, I miss identify the turn in the video) and heading into the "S's."  It happened right in front of us, this is moments after the hit. 

‘Bill’s eYe View’ front release for an accident at the #ferrarichallenge @wgi1948 #roc

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So, what happens when there is an accident during a race.  There is protocol that is followed and that includes the driver staying in the car as long as it is not on fire, it is the safest place for the driver until help arrives.  It is also a good place to cry in private, remember the cost!


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