Canada Dry Sued Over Ginger Ale not Having Enough Ginger

Ginger Ale has been a remedy for an upset stomach for decades. It turns out one brand may not work anymore.

Canada Dry is being sued for the apparent lack of ginger in their ginger ale. Julie Fletcher  filed a federal lawsuit in Buffalo, New York claiming that Canada Dry  and its parent company Dr. Pepper Snapple Group misled customers. The  suit alleges that customers were led to believe the ginger ale contained  real ginger, but instead it only contains "a minuscule amount of ginger  flavor extract."

The suit also alleges Canada Dry began emphasizing that its ginger  ale was made from real ginger around 2007, which is when carbonated soda  started experiencing declining sales. In April a federal judge denied a  dismiss motion by the beverage maker in a similar case.

The good news is, there are several brands of ginger ale that do have ginger. Here’s a list for youDon’t forget, if ginger isn’t listed near the top of the ingredient list, there isn’t much there.

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